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Driving Licence: For one year after your arrival, you can drive in Georgia using a driving license that is produced in the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. For the period of a year or less, you don’t need an international driving license.

You must be at least 21 years old and have held your driving license for a minimum of 1 year in order to rent a car. If you meet this criteria, you are insured automatically with the driving conditions listed below.

For any additional drivers, they are insured automatically under the same conditions that bind the initial driver, so long as the second driver is driving in the presence of the initial driver.

Rental prices include:

· All taxes

· 100% Vehicle Insurance

· Unlimited Number of 2nd Drivers

· Unlimited Mileage with Every Vehicle for Any Rental Period.

Insurance & Drivers Age

Complete Vehicle Insurance – In case of an accident that was your fault.

Complete Vehicle Insurance – In case of damage by any third party

Complete Vehicle Insurance – In case of any damage caused by fire, theft or any other damage caused by a third party.

Complete Insurance – Damage to a third party vehicle (no matter whose fault the accident is), upto $50,000

Complete Insurance – All accessories (mirrors, glass, etc.)

Zero Excess in any accident, theft or any other damage.

*Tyres damaged during off-road driving are not considered accidental damage by any insurance company in Georgia. The cost for off-road tyres vary, but will be around 95 EUR.

Any driver 21 years old and above and who has 1 year of driving experience is automatically insured with the same conditions of the owner of the rental contract, so long as the lead driver is in the vehicle.

Collection / Delivery of Vehicle

Delivery & Collection
Vehicle delivery to Tbilisi and Batumi airport is charged at 19 EUR
Delivery to Kutaisi airport is charged at 19 EUR
Outside Opening Hours
Standard office open hours are from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Pre-reserved vehicles can be collected from the office 24/7 upon request without any additional charge.
Our 24/7 delivery and pickup service are charged as a standard fee and are not dependent on the time or day.

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions
Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan (in some cases). Please bare in mind that not all vehicles are allowed into Azerbaijan, so we strongly advise you to check with us first.
Cross border rentals require a special bilingual permit issued by a notary and is charged at 69 EUR for however long you will be there.
Please note that issuing a permit by a notary requires one working day and can be done before arrival upon request by sending a copy of your passport by email.

Wifi HotSpot 4GB 9 EUR per day
Child Seat 4 EUR per day
Permit to cross the bordor 69 EUR